Marketing & Promotional Urinal Screen

  • This unique patented design incorporates the concept of an inexpensive interactive urinal display containing a number of graphic messages. Your  images and promotional messages will appear to alternately change, as if by magic, from one set of graphics to another as the "participant" moves toward the urinal. This remarkable eye catching effect, achieved through the use of a lenticular lens and special printing is sure to grab everyone's focused attention with the result of generating lots of consumer "Buzz"..

  • Targeting your audience can be half the battle in marketing. Given the venue of this marketing tool's location, it will undoubtedly be the vastly perfect media format for every male oriented product and promotion..

  • The promotions fixed location within the urinal screen will assure multiple and regular exposure patterns of your ad to your targeted consumer..

  • Our integral large round, angled, waterproof, 3.5 inch anti-glare viewing screen with lenticular graphics guarantees that all your ad's copy and text will be easily readable..

  • About Lenticular Images: Lenticular images are digital files that have been specially prepared and then printed onto the back of a thin transparent lens material. This material is a special plastic, complemented with lenticules or cylindrical lenses. The image when viewed through the lenticules appears to move or to change to another image (Flip) as it's being viewed from different angles, thus creating dramatic animation effects. Based  on a very different optical principal than Holograms, no special lighting is required for viewing the lenticular image flipping effect.