Marketing & Promotional Urinal Screen

  • The electronic display is designed to automatically detect the presence of a nearby "visitor" or a "visitor's" activity at the urinal. The activation of WIZMARK'S integral sensors results in an exhibition of an attention grabbing display of six or more flashing lights illuminating in a pre-programmed pattern, calling immediate attention to your ad incorporated within the waterproof 3.5 inch viewing screen.  After a period of animation the display will automatically reset itself in anticipation of the next viewer..

  • The distinctive and novel location of your ad contained within our new and innovative, patented  interactive viewing screen, combined with the dynamics of its actual daily use, is your guarantee, that each and every viewer is a potential consumer who's eyes will not deviate from, nor be able to avoid in any way, an unhindered and focused viewing of your attention getting original and unique promotional ad or message..

  • Targeting your audience can be half the battle in marketing. Given the venue of this marketing tool's location, it will undoubtedly be the vastly perfect media format for every male oriented product and promotion..

  • Location, Location, Location, the promotional ads fixed location within the urinal will assure you a consistent and regular exposure pattern to your targeted consumer..

  • Our integral large round, angled, waterproof, 3.5 inch anti-glare viewing screen with custom graphics and motion activated flashing lights guarantees that all your ad's copy and text will be noticed and readable..